Health by purification – book

Health by purification, book by Peter Jentschura und Josef Lohkämper. This book will give you a new vision of health and how to maintain it.


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Health by purification, book by Peter Jentschura and Josef Lohkämper, 222 pages.

Why we need alcaline care

Once you have read this book you will view your body in a different light. It will give you a different perspective of modern life habits and nutrition as well as a lot of new knowledge.

Discover astonishing and completely new insights on how to stay healthy.

This book looks at disease and health from a new angle and introduces the term Civilisatosis into public discussion. The modern civilisation diseases are being recognised in their four broad categories of:

  • diseases stemming from acid burns
  • demineralisation
  • deposition
  • elimination


ISBN: 9783933874160


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